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Every woman desire to have a beautiful breast that has a perfect size with a proportional breast shape yet not everything is the same as we imagine. Many women are challenged when it comes to their breast problems like sagging that is why they end up looking for ways on how to improve such. Breast Lift Surgery is the main solution to many because it truly proves its effectiveness when it comes to restoring the perkier, firmer, and more beautiful shape of a sagging breast caused by motherhood and aging. This surgery also aims to improve self-esteem among women, as it enhances the feminine proportions and curves making women look more attractive and more comfortable in their physique view.

Types of Breast Lift Surgery

Women do have different breast conditions and cosmetic surgeons use a variety of techniques to address their various breast problems. Below are the types:

  1. The Crescent Lift

 This technique is used for women who are having a little sagging level when it comes to their breast condition. A small incision is done halfway around the top edge of the areola.

  1. Per-Areolar the Donut Lift

This technique is only applicable for a mild breast condition. It involves a circular process of incision running in the edge of the areola is performed in conjunction with breast augmentation.

  1. Vertical or Lollipop Lift:

This is the most common technique used by surgeons in which it involves two incisions: around the edge of the areola of the breast and running vertically from the bottom to the areola to its fold creating a lollipop-like shape. Also, it allows the surgeon to remove the excess skin in the breast and reshape the whole part of the surgery.

  1. Inverted or the Anchor Lift: This is the last technique used by cosmetic surgeons for the worst breast condition among women like a pendulous breast, high-level sagging, and an anchor lift breast which allows the cosmetic surgeon to remove all of the excess skin tissues for its best results. This technique involves three incisions: around the areola area of the breast, vertically from the center of the areola part to the crease, and along the breast fold.

Common Reason Women Choose to Undergo Breast Lift Surgery

  • To restore the shape of the breast caused by pregnancy, breastfeeding, and aging.
  • To enhance the firmness of the breast after the significant weight loss
  • To enjoy a perfect and perky breast shape for the second time around.

If you are someone who finds discomfort and gradually decreases your self-confidence regarding your breast condition then seeking the help of a cosmetic surgeon is a good decision to make. Many would feel uncomfortable with any surgical procedure but knowing it’s all advantages it may give you, surely changes your mind. It’s a kind of risky yet amazing at the same time. With the advancement of technology when it comes to the medical procedures and processes, many chose to try and testify its effectiveness towards them. So, what are you waiting for? Be knowledgeable to try, click here.