Food photography is important for growth:

Many people have seen those delicious food photos that always circulate on the internet. It is a market strategy that is used by restaurants and hotels. To improve the sales of the restaurants. And it is highly effective to improve sales. And digital promotion is always better than the conventional way of promotion. Because the popularity of social media has increased a lot over the years. Almost 90% of the population who use smartphones also use social media. So, targeting those audiences is a necessity for every business owner. Even if they can target 10% of the potential audience, then it will increase their sales a lot.

That is to increase the sales of any restaurants, always click the best snaps of the foods. One can also do food photography [รับ ถ่ายรูป อาหาร, which is the term in Thai] by themselves. But it is a complex thing to do that. So, it is advised not to do that plus it is dangerous also.

How to start food photography?

The first thing for all the beginners, it is risky and requires experience to take nice photos of delicious dishes. So, there are some points that someone can follow-

  • Use a DSLR for this photography.
  • Use a tripod to avoid blurry images.
  • Set the shutter speed to 1/125th. But if someone has a steadier hand, then set it to 1/100th.
  • Set the aperture to the lower level for sharper pictures.
  • Use proper light to get the best photo. But always preferred to use natural light.
  • Keep the ISO below 500. But in the grim light keeps it higher.


Hire someone to do the photoshoot

Food photographers can also be found on the internet. A lot of food bloggers are also a professional food photographer. So, contact them to do the photoshoot. Because once they upload the dishes on their social media handle. Then, it will help in creating more sales too.