How to play with your cat without using toys

The bond between a feline and its owner truly is a special thing. Cats are often thought to be independent animals, but when it comes to love, they are affectionate. One thing that most people use to bond with their animals, especially cats, is toys. 

While toys may help with the bonding process, they are in no way essential. Playing, however, is critical and vitally important to cats. Today we are going to look at some alternative ways to play with your cat, without the aid of toys.

The Hunt Is On

Cats aren’t just fond of hunting; they need to do it. Hunting is hardcoded into the DNA of your feline friend, so using this as part of playtime can be just what your cat needs. You can introduce household items or even create a game of hide and seek between you and your feline friend, whatever you choose, the cat will love it.


The game of chase is more often than not attributed to dogs. This is not the case; in fact, cats adore a game of chase and fetch. You don’t even need to have a ball at hand. Merely using a scrunched up piece of paper will give kitty hours of fun.


Cats love to climb; it is, of course, part of their predatory nature. Wild cats climb trees and observe the land below on the hunt for food. Providing your cat with unique places to climb will give your cat extra happiness and climbing is like a game for them.

The Cardboard Box

One of those things we usually dread having around the house can bring a cat, tons of fun. Cats love cardboard boxes and find magic when it comes to climbing inside and playing hide and seek. Cutting holes in the side of the cardboard box give the cat even more fun, and they can also treat it like a fort.

Paper Bags

Cats seem to have a relationship with bags that is like a child with bubbles. Cats love to not only climb inside the paper bag, but they also love to bat it around and crinkle it up too. 


If you have any balls laying around, especially ping pong balls, you will be able to amuse your cat for hours. Ping pong balls are lightweight and can be batted around at high velocity for your cats to then chase.

Ping pong balls are an excellent size for cats too, they are too large to choke on but a great size to play with.

When it comes to entertaining our pets, nothing beats the things we have laying around and some undivided love and attention. While playing with our pets is an excellent way of showing love, so is diet. Giving your cat or dog a healthy diet will ensure their playtime is always well spent. Dog food bundles and cat food bundles are a great way to introduce your pet to a great diet and a plethora of fantastic flavours.