How To Protect Garden Ornaments

garden statues, sculptures, birdbaths, wind chimes, garden gates are some of the beautiful garden ornaments that can transform your garden. You have purchased your favorite garden gates or garden statues and your friends and family have appreciated it; however, have you thought about how to preserve it and protect it from harsh weather? Don’t worry we bring you a guide for the same.

How to preserve the metal garden ornaments?

Most of the high-quality metal garden ornaments are coated with preservatives and chemicals to protect them from corrosion, chipping, and fading. However, we all know that no protection lasts forever. We bring to some tips that can help you to preserve the metal garden ornaments,

  1. Always clean the metal garden ornaments with a lint-free fabric. It is a good practice to wipe the material with mineral spirits, as it will eliminate any sediment that may prevent the polyurethane from bonding the surface of the item. 
  2. You can also protect the surface of the work with a drop cloth.
  3. You should apply at least a single polyurethane coat to the revealed surface and let it dry.
  4. You should also apply a coat of polyurethane on the opposite side of metal garden ornaments,
  5. For added protection, repeat the process of polyurethane coating.
  6. Once you have protected all the side of your metal garden ornaments, it is ready to display.
  7. You should repeat the polyurethane coating on your metal garden ornaments, at least once every year. 
  8. If you are living in an area where sometimes can become freezing, you should shift your metal garden ornaments to a temperature-controlled spot for them to long last. 
  9. Although, the polyurethane coating will protect your metal garden ornaments, from rust; however, if you still observe this on your garden decoration, you can use the rust converter or rust remover to get rid of the rust. You can also soak the ornament in white vinegar to diffuse the rust. Once it is dry, you can again apply the polyurethane protective coating.

How to protect the resin, ceramic, cement, and stone garden ornaments

Resin, ceramic, cement, and stone are one of the most common materials uses for garden ornaments.  Although they are durable, they may crack under damp or freezing weather. We bring to you some tips that you can use to protect these garden ornaments.

1) Resin is susceptible to fading, so you should keep the colorful resin garden ornaments that receive good shade. You should also treat them with two coatings of polyurethane. You should wash the ornament with soap water before applying the polyurethane coating. 

2) While stacking pots together, you should place a protective layer of a newspaper of carboard between them

3) You should purchase covers for your garden furniture. 

4) Wooden garden ornaments such as a birdhouse, furniture, planters should be treated with a sealant after every definite period. 

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