Plan Your Enchanting Holidays at These Top Rated Places

Planning a trip to these absolutely gorgeous countries? Well, you definitely aren’t the faint-hearted one. Rich in naturally occurring phenomenon and landscapes these two countries have a lot more to offer than anything you have ever expected.

Head over to our list of top things to do in Greenland and Iceland Group Tours to find out more:


Kayak through the country

You just can’t visit Greenland and not try kayaking! Earlier kayaks were the mode of transportation through which people would come to Greenland which explains how important this oldest transit is to the country. Now it has become a major tourist activity here. You will be able to encounter marvellous sights with icebergs, northern settlements, seals, whales and other animals. Greenland Holidays are totally alluring if love to admire the beauty of nature.

Casually sit under the night sky and watch the Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights can be seen from absolutely any part of Greenland when the sky is dark and clear. The typical period of the year when you can witness the Northern Lights Tour is from early autumn which extends throughout April. Even if you move towards the cities, the pollution doesn’t really affect the glow in the dark. During summers you’ll have another phenomenon making its way to you- the midnight Sun.

Discover the unknown via a cruise

What better way to explore the remote regions of Greenland that via a cruise? Most of the cities and settlements are located on the coastline. Between June and October is the best time to go on a cruise trip in Greenland as the cruise can be easily navigated in the sea.

Experience dog sledding

While skiing and snowboarding are worth the ride too, nothing compares to the joy of going dog sledding in Greenland! It is an old tradition and is an extremely beautiful sight to see all the cute dogs join forces and enjoy themselves in the snow.


Go for whale watching

With about twenty species of whales residing in the waters of Iceland, you just can’t afford to miss this sight, definitely not if we mention the chance of spotting a Blue Whale in the wild! Head over to Husavik which is known as the whale watching capital of Iceland to experience this marvel.

Enjoy the Blue Lagoon spa

Everything about the Blue Lagoon is absolutely perfect; we can’t help but daydream about spending an entire day rejuvenating ourselves here. It’s located at close proximity to the airport which makes it easily accessible although the warm soothing water and the healing silica mud is inviting enough no matter where it is located. You should also enjoy Eastern Europe Vacation culture, and history and not just about its man-made monuments.

Take a dip in the natural hot pool

In terms of geology, Iceland is a pretty young country. Majority of its landscapes due to this reason is still geo thermal activity. The perks of this being, you can enjoy in natural hot pools around the country surrounded by mind-blowing landscapes.