The tilting factors enabling you to choose PG as a residence option

Of late a lot of people are resorting to the choice of ladies PG in Marathahalli, rather than choosing to   reside in a rented apartment. Choosing to stay in a PG ceases to be a great deal especially for the student community in general. Not only the students, even the working professionals are inclined to reside in a PG rather than renting or purchasing a property on their own.

The reasons for you to choose ladies PG in Marathahalli

In residing in a PG accommodation there are a lot of benefits that you might not even be aware. Let us explore some of the reasons on why you need to explore PG as an accommodation option


The main benefit of opting for a PG is obviously the rent aspect. This is visibly less than renting out a home even if you are sharing the space with your room mates. On residing in an independent house the rent cost shoots up as compared to the PG. In addition all the household expenses in a PG are shared by the roommates ensuring that it is an economical option for all.


This has to be the go to reason on why you should be staying in a PG. in comparison to rented premises a PG offers a basic set of facilities in the form of television, refrigerator or even internet facilities. This means that the students can carry on their work when they are still there at the accommodation. In case if you stay separately then you might have to take care of the household expenses and the other facilities.

Social security

As compared to rented premises, a PG offers an optimum level of social security. If any form of emergency arises you can take solace from the fact that you tend to be in safe hands. There is a strong chance that you roommates could become your buddies and even evolve as a family. In terms of safety PGs tends to be a lot safer as they are converted to social premises in most of the cases. The landlord stays in the same place with a separate area demarcated for PG.  Even in any form of emergency arises there is ready help in store.

Lesser restrictions

Studies love to reside in a PG as compared to any other rented premises as they have fewer restrictions to follow. From time to time visitors can visit your place and as compared to hostels there are less curfew deadlines to follow. In case if your family members come to visit when you are in a PG they can stay with you once they pay a certain sum of money. In addition the accommodations tends to be a lot spacious than the hostels.

In a nutshell the benefits of staying in a PG are much more than any other accommodation time.  The charges of a PG tend to vary from one area to another as they can be on a single sharing or double sharing basis.