Touch, Sensual Massage, and Intimacy: erotic massage London

Touch contains enchantment, as well as comfort, healing, connection, warmth, and melting pleasure. From the moment we are born until the day we die, we are sexual and sensual beings.

We require contact, and we yearn to be touched and to be touched. Many studies have been conducted on persons who were denied of contact throughout their infancy and youth, as well as the difficulties that resulted from this deprivation.

It has been stated that an adult need eight hugs every day, eight embraces that enfold you in someone’s arms, not simply a short grasp and squeeze, pat on the back. How many hugs like that have you received today?

The universe of sensuous touch has an infinite number of pleasures and possibilities.

To comprehend the potential of this type of touch, we must first distinguish between sex and sensuality.

In general, sex is a goal-oriented genital action. Orgasm is the purpose of sex. When that happens, the game is ended, and we go on to the next activity, which for males is usually falling asleep. So it may be better to call it ‘going’ rather than ‘coming.’

Sensuality is distinct. A sensuous experience encompasses everything about us, from the top of our heads to the soles of our feet and everything in between. Our hearts, emotions, and sensations are also part of our sensuality.

As a result, sensual erotic massage London and touch become an intimate experience.

Sex does not have to be intimate. It’s exposed yet not intimate. When a man requests sex, he is vulnerable. When a woman opens her body, she exposes herself.

There is no intimacy if you are having sex with your eyes closed and engrossed in a fantasy.

Kissing, according to many women, is often more personal than intercourse.

There is no ultimate goal to sensual massage and contact. It doesn’t have to go anyplace in particular. It’s not always about orgasm.

One of the reasons sexual experiences, particularly casual sex and one-night stands, are not necessarily rewarding is that they provide a physical release, a few hours of contact, but nothing more.

It feels fantastic, but as soon as it’s finished, we’re on to the next one.

What we seek is closeness, a deeper bond than just a pair of genitals exchanging pleasure.

This is when the thrill of sensuous contact and its infinite possibilities comes into play. It also provides us with other endings to sex.

Unless you practice Tantra and are familiar with other Eastern sexual theories and practices, sex usually ends in orgasm. By concentrating on achieving orgasm, we shift away from the present moment, away from the pleasure we’re feeling, and toward what we need to do to achieve orgasm.

Sensual contact brings us directly into the present moment, into our body, and totally present with our partner. It can turn sexual, but it does not have to; it may or may not entail genital playing.

It might be reciprocated or a gift given or received from your relationship. It has the potential to be a kind of deep healing, communication, and connection.

It may be a painting on your lover’s lovely body or a poetry written on their flesh.

Boredom is the single most common sexual issue in partnerships.

People lose interest in each other, and they end up making love at the same place, at the same time, and on the same night. It becomes a chore, simply another thing we have to do.