What to Do if a Child Is Injured at School in Las Vegas?

A school should be a safe place so that children can enjoy each phase of learning. But you must have experienced situations in which your child gets injured in school. Are you aware of what to do in those scenarios? The Naqvi Accident Injury Law firm can guide you and help you in such uneventful conditions. But in this blog, too, you will learn what you can do if your child is injured at school in Las Vegas.

Is it possible to sue the school?

Firstly, you need to establish whether the injury happened unintentionally or due to the negligent behaviour of one of the school’s staff members. It depends on the cause of the damage. There are certain restrictions in filing a case against a public school as they are regulated by the government. However, there are certain conditions in which filing an issue becomes more accessible, such as physical assault, bullying, unsafe conditions in the school, wrongful death, or sexual assault.

Can the school be held responsible if the injury happened before or after school hours?

If your child travels by school bus and gets hurt while travelling, the school is responsible as the driver is an employee of the school. But if your child gets hurt while playing with his friends while travelling on public transport, you can’t file a case against the school.

What can you do if your child gets injured?

Seek medical help

It will be best if you can leave the legal matters aside and pay attention to your child’s injury. Make sure that you ask the doctor to document the damages well to prove the pain and suffering of your child. 

Analyze whether the school is at fault

You can request the school authority to show you the CCTV footage so that you can check whether the injury took place unintentionally or due to a negligent staff member of the school.

Talk to the school authority and your child.

You can talk to the faculty, your child, and other batchmates to get a complete picture of the incident. 


Your child is precious, and as a parent, it can be a bit overwhelming to see your child crying and yelling in pain. But make sure that you stay calm, and deal with the situation with wisdom.