No sooner the higher secondary examinations are over, the rush to choose the course and college starts at a great pace. Whether it is selecting a suitable stream, particular course or selection of the college, students have to face several dilemmas. The most confusing state is the selection of the viable discipline as per one’s area of interest. When there are a plethora of options to choose from, it becomes quite difficult as the college that you choose, the discipline 

that you prefer would consequently lead you in the career path.

Engineering is the most common stream chosen by the people. Generally, we feel that this stream is completely saturated and hence focusing on a viable course is pretty difficult and whether the institute would provide subtle placement opportunities or not is also a troubling question. However, this is not with the case of Greater Noida Institute of Technology (GNIOT). People associated with this amazing institute show gratitude towards the successful career trajectory that they procured here.

Some amazing reasons that make engineering institute prolific

  • Infrastructure: It is the foremost factor that one considers when it comes to selecting the right engineering college. The students can even get easily lured with astonishing and unique architectural designs. But, the infrastructure here does not pertain to the building structure alone. The campus of GNIOT contains basic set-ups that allow the students to learn efficiently. Depending upon the course or stream that you have chosen, appropriate lab facilities are available here that allows you to perform experiments. Also, workshops are organised to develop the soft skills of the students.
  • Courses offered: Engineering is a department with its several sub-departments. Consequently, there is a multitude of courses offered by the institute which one can choose from. Well, the most common course offered at Greater Noida Institute of Technology includes aeronautics and space industry, computer and IT, industrial robotics, mechanical, civil, medicine, power sector and many more. 
  • Library: One of the prime facilities which a college should have is equipped library. To get an in-depth understanding of any subject, a well-equipped library with an array of options for updated books is the most essential requirement which you would expect from the institute. Active internet connection and computers at GNIOT genuinely help you complete the assignments within the allotted time without wasting valuable time. Without any external disturbances, you can prepare for the exams, projects and assignments within the silent environment. 
  • Development and training: Although placement is the most important and considerable factor, without precise training and grooming activities, you may fail to represent yourself as a better professional. Thorough training generally includes personal training sessions to ensure personality development, interview training, topics related to the job and many more. The college possesses training cells that train the students to develop soft skills and prepare them as a better individual to represent the organisation. 
  • Co-curricular activities: Only studies and academic proficiency does not make a candidate worth appearing. Extra-curricular activities are conducted within the campus along with the aforesaid factors to boost up the students mentally and physically. When students indulge in extra-curricular activities, it consequently enhances their academic performance. Moreover, it improves the quality of college life. To keep the students fit and to nurture the hidden skills within them, several sports and cultural activities are organised at GNIOT. This helps the students to actively participate in their area of interest.
  • Quality and Engaging faculties:  Quality education is only imparted when the faculties are highly engaging. The ratio of full-time faculty to students should be 1:20. Within the renowned campus of GNIOT, this ratio is typically less so that the teachers can provide one-on-one instructions to each student. The faculty here are highly experienced and hold expertise in particular subjects. Their tutoring technique is also efficient since it allows each student to grasp the lessons easily and promptly. When the faculties are friendly and cooperative, it becomes easier for the students to learn better. 
  • Rate of Graduation: Graduation rate or rate of graduation means the total number of students qualifying each year from the particular institute. The graduation rate of this institute is considerably high, which means that better facilities are made available to the students. This is the vital reason that attracts a vast number of students towards GNIOT. 

The best way to know about the proficiency of any college is to go through the reviews and recommendations of the previous year students. They play an impactful role in helping you decide whether a particular college is ideal for you or not. Above-mentioned were few parameters that you should notably consider when enrolling in any institute. Engineering cost is quite high and investing the hard-earned money in a dull and inactive institute might drastically impact your career growth. Avail better learning facilities and be part of a successful organisation while getting enrolled in the best engineering institute.

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