Pros Of Installing A Straight Line Kitchen In Your House

The growing popularity and demand for I shaped modular kitchen designs proves the fact that space saving is a major cause of concern for people indulging in the construction of a modular kitchen. In fact the straight kitchen is proving to be advantageous on many accounts, all of which benefit the user in a big way.

The advantages of installing a straight line kitchen are:

  • Space saving: This is perhaps the most important consideration for people living in apartments, flats and small residences. The fact that in a straight line kitchen set-up, everything from the stove, the sink, the refrigerator, other electrical gadgets etc., are innovatively stacked up against one single wall, ensures the available of ample space which can be further used either to incorporate a dining table or as a living area. The installation of a series of spacious storage space further increases its benefits.
  • Versatility: While the installation of the I shaped kitchen makes for a very intelligent choice in small homes and apartments, they can also be incorporated as a secondary kitchen in larger homes, studios, workspaces etc.
  • Seamless integration: The concept of ordering in food or going out to have dinner has become very popular now. Thus the need for having a fully functional kitchen gets eliminated especially for people staying in the inner-city areas. For people who use the kitchen sparingly, the single walled kitchen proves to be an excellent way of providing the basic services yet without having to compromise on the living space.
  • Sleek looking: The construction of only a single bank of storage cabinets makes the kitchen look very sleek and clean. This concept moulds in very easily for people indulging in tiny house living, loft living, contemporary warehouse apartments etc. The proper use of colours and finishes also adds up to the sunny feeling thereby making the room look bright and sunny.
  • Relatively inexpensive: The requirement for the installation of an I-shaped kitchen is one single wall. All the different parts of the modular kitchen are fitted into that wall. Thus this installation proves to be much cheaper than the other modular kitchen layouts. In fact the installation of the I-shaped kitchen is so easy that people with some experience in DIYs can easily assimilate the same thereby reducing the outflow of money further.
  • Clever storage: The I-shaped kitchen helps innovate the storage space. By maximisation of the available space and converting it into floor to ceiling storage, all things belonging to the kitchen can be cleverly stored in appropriate spaces thus making the kitchen look cleaner and classy.
  • Aids in easy workflow: In a straight walled kitchen everything is within reach. All work zones are close-by which helps to aid workflow by reducing the distance between the same.

The straight walled kitchen is thus, one of the best decisions one can take when thinking of building a new kitchen or renovating an existing one. It is small, fits into narrow places and reduces the need to walk more steps to get to the different work areas thereby making kitchen work simpler.